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& find the most relevant case law.

Legal Research with

Artificial Intelligence

End the countless of hours of tedious searching. JurisCase learns your search patterns and applies it to your searches, making it super easy to find the most relevant cases, laws and regulations.

Legal Research Management

Conduct legal research, take notes on your findings, and organize it all in a user-friendly software.

Natural Language Searching

Using JurisCase is as simple as describing what you’re looking for in common English. Let the machine-learning technology do the heavy lifting.

Finding Relevant & Related Case Law

When searching for case law, JurisCase studies your searches and places priority on related court documents.

Innovation Demanded by

the Legal Industry

JurisCase is established to be more than just another legal research database. Our system pushes the industry standard because the tools, features, and design of the interface are specifically requested by law offices nationwide

Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing the most advanced and state of the art technology, JurisCase has developed a very powerful A.I., designed to learn users’ searching habits and styles, resulting in the most relevant legal research cases. 

Side-Note Feature

This feature allows you to take notes while you conduct your legal research. It is designed to act as a virtual notepad on your screen to help you better organize your thoughts while you do your research.

Negative Treatment Indicator

JurisCase makes it super easy for you to spot negatively treated cases. Any cases that have been negatively treated at some point will have a caution symbol indicating the matter.

Citation Check

JurisCase allows you to see when a citation has been used as an authority, and exactly where it has been cited.


#This is a simple way of being able to conduct legal research in the fastest way possible with the use of headnotes. With this feature it is very easy to locate exactly where  all negatively treated cases reside. 

Advanced Keyword Searching

Using latent semantic indexing, our database is able to search multiple variations of a single keyword to make your search results even more relevant for you so that you may always search with confidence.

Latent Semantics Indexing (LSI)

LSI, or latent semantics indexing, is a powerful feature that allows attorneys to search every possible variation of keywords in one search.

High Search Relavancy

Searching by group variations keyword exclusions makes it possible for attorneys to narrow down the research to the most relevant cases.

Simple Design

JurisCase is designed to be a simple, no-clutter interface to give attorneys the ability to quickly skim through search results to find the necessary cases.

Vertical Relevancy

The Vertical Relevancy Searching feature enables users to search through relevant cases that have been cited within a specific court case.

Horizontal Relevancy

The Horizontal Relevancy Searching feature allows users to easily search and find court documents that cite a specific court case. 

JurisCase is more than just

a Legal Research Database.

A great legal research company doesn’t stop at just providing a database and tools.

Greatness lies in our team’s passion and dedication in creating innovative methods for legal professionals to excel in their field.

Our Belief

We passionately believe that competitive advantage lies in the user’s ability to search through millions of court records and narrow the search results to a smaller list of relevant cases with extraordinary speed. With the input of our users and the intelligence of our developers, JurisCase builds innovative search tools that will drive your law office’s success and reputation.

Our Mission

At JurisCase, our mission is to make the user’s experience of searching through case law effortless, efficient, and fast. We accomplish this by focusing on the development of new and innovative tools to equip the user with stronger search capabilities.

Our Promise

The JurisCase team will uphold two promises:

1.   Provide a spectacular customer service

2.   Always add more value for each user

What’s included?

With JurisCase you will have access to any and all jurisdictions, both federal and state level courts. 

JurisCase is designed to help you search through millions of court documents in order to find exactly what you need for your given cases.

 State Courts  

         All State Supreme Courts & 

         All State Appellate Courts


 Alabama
















 North Dakota

 Louisiana











 New Hampshire

 New Jersey

 New Mexico

 New York

 North Carolina






 Rhode Island

 South Carolina

 South Dakota







 West Virginia



 US Virgin Islands



  Federal Courts    

 U.S. Supreme Court

 All U.S. Courts of Appeal

 All U.S. District Courts  

 U.S. Court of Federal Claims

 Temporary Emergency Court of Appeals

 United States Tax Court

 U.S. Customs Court

 U.S. Court of International Trade

 Board of Immigration Appeals

 Special Court

 Regional Rail Reorganization Act

 United States Bankruptcy Courts

      Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the First Circuit

      Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the Second Circuit

      Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the Sixth Circuit

      Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the Eighth Circuit

      Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the Ninth Circuit

      Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the Tenth Circuit

 Regulations & Statutes

 Code of Federal Regulations

 United States Code

 United States Public Laws

 All States and Territories 

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