Unlimited Access to an Innovative Legal Research Database

Making Every Search Count

End the countless of hours of tedious searching. JurisCase learns your search patterns and applies it to your searches, making it super easy to find the most relevant cases, laws and regulations.

Exclusive Access to a Powerful Investigations Database

Gather Intelligence on
Individuals & Businesses

JurisCase equips you with the access to find private information. Our investigative database provides law firms with current public and proprietary records that will give you a competitive advantage.

Legal Research

Law firms today are using modern research software to improve their success rates.

Gain Speed & Momentum in Your Research

Quickly Find the Cases You Are Looking For

Traditional research methods are too time-consuming. JurisCase is designed to help you dig through millions of court documents in fraction of the time it would typically take.

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Designed to Eliminate Stress from Legal Research

The Most User-Friendly Interface

JurisCase is made to be a simple, no-clutter interface that gives attorneys the ability to quickly explore search results to find the necessary cases. For example, you can use the Summary Bullets to understand the content of a case without reading the entire case.

Easily Take Notes & Manage Your Research

Create a Personalized Research Library

Take notes, create documents and folders, or bookmark the cases that are necessary. Don’t let your legal research be all over the place. The organizational features in JurisCase are unmatched. Use it to your advantage.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with JurisCase

The legal industry is evolving, and so should your legal research. What worked 10 years ago, is no longer a match for the innovative technology that has emerged to serve law firms in the recent years.
Staying ahead of the competition means one thing – easily finding useful and practical information at an extraordinary speed.

JurisCase has mastered the science of giving law firms this competitive edge.

➤ Get unlimited access to all federal and state case law, regulations, and statutes.

➤ Save time by using the A.I. powered search functions to quickly explore through the database.

➤ Create your own research library of bookmarked cases and saved notes, and easily refer to it in the future.

➤ Investigate individuals and businesses and find private information build your case.

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