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Legal research

Challenge the Status Quo

Still think legal research is tedious and difficult? It’s time to reevaluate.

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Quick & Efficient Research

Give yourself the competitive advantage by efficiently searching and finding the case law that you’re looking for. Do your research in a fraction of the time by utilizing the latest research technologies.

Accurate Results

Improve the relevancy of your search results with built-in Artificial Intelligence and unique search technology.

Organized Research

Increase your research efficiency by organizing your findings and notes, and customizing your own research library.

Vast Coverage

Get full access to our library of court cases, regulations, statutes, and court rules in all state and federal jurisdictions.

Simple User Interface

You already know how to use legal research tools. We just made it easier, smarter, and much faster.

Track Time Spent On Research

JurisCase helps you track and log your research to allow for better management of your time.

Popular Features

Explore the features that have legal professionals talking about JurisCase.

The citator not only tells you where a case has been cited, it also significantly improves the relevancy of your searches.

Negative Treatment Indicator:
Designed to help you easily check the authority of any given case and spot any negative treatment.

Notepad Editor:
Take notes, collect necessary findings, and annotate sections of a case while you do your research.

Practice Area Filtering:
Narrow down your search results and improve relevancy by filtering based on practice area(s).

Organization Tools:
Customize your own research library by organizing research findings and notes in folders, categories, and clients.

Summary Bullets:
Save time by easily skimming through A.I. powered summaries of cases.

Most Innovative Legal Research Software

Get Unlimited and Comprehensive Access

Make every search count and the countless of hours of tedious searching. JurisCase learns your search patterns and applies it to your searches, making it super easy to find the most relevant cases, laws and regulations.

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Want to add JurisCase to your arsenal of research tools?

Scope of Coverage

Get Full Access to our Entire Research Library

The digital librarians at JurisCase® have a one focus –
to continually add more valuable records to our database.

Complete Federal Libraries

Access material from the U.S. Supreme and U.S. Circuit Courts, to U.S. District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts, and much more.

Complete State Libraries

Access material from state Supreme Courts to Appellate Courts in all 50 states.

Specialty Courts

Explore our ever-expanding list of specialty courts and materials.


Search through our complete collection of state and federal statutes.

Court Rules

Access our comprehensive library of federal and state court rules.

Most Powerful Legal Research SOFTWARE

Legal Research with Confidence

Create a Personalized Research Library

Don’t let your legal research be all over the place. Take notes, create documents and folders, or bookmark the cases that are necessary. Organize your research and notes, and create your own personalized research library.

A Competitive Edge

The legal industry is evolving and so should your legal research. Easily breeze through over millions of records and find the most relevant case law. Upon each search, JurisCase provides users with the most relevant cases by reading, analyzing, and understanding each case before populating them in the search results.

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Behind Our

Provide a Spectacular Customer Service

Our first priority is to always improve on and maintain a great customer services for our users. In an industry where business is mostly done in person, our members have always praised us for being available for them whenever they need us. We take pride in being the legal research company that brings a personal touch in an automated, digital world.

Always Add More Value for the User

In almost everything that we do at JurisCase, the thought of adding more value to our users is constantly on our mind. When a new user joins JurisCase, they are already ecstatic when they receive access to our powerful and innovative research tools. What we love to see even more is their excitement when we add more value tools to their membership.

Better Innovation. Best Price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

How do I get started with JurisCase?

Every subscription starts with a free trial. We want to make sure that JurisCase is the right fit for you before you decide to purchase a user license. Click on the button that says “Get Started” on the top-right corner, fill out basic information (no credit card required), and start by getting free access to the JurisCase.

What’s included in the Free Trial?

The Free Trial gives users a 14-day free access to every tool and jurisdiction in JurisCase. When the Free Trial expires and you wish to purchase a user license, your account will prompt you to fill out your debit/credit card information to continue using JurisCase. * Free trials do not give access to JurisCase Intelligence (investigation database), due to security reasons.

What are the differences between monthly and annual plans?

With monthly memberships, you will be automatically billed every billing cycle from the day you purchase a JurisCase user license. A billing cycle for the monthly membership is a 30-day period. For annual memberships, you will receive a promotional discount for being billed upfront for a total of 1 year. A billing cycle for the annual user license is a 365-day period. Annual user licenses will automatically renew at the beginning of every annual billing cycle.

How long are your contracts?

Currently, we only offer monthly subscription. You can upgrade or cancel your monthly account at any time with no further obligation.

14-day free trial

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Proud JurisCase Users

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It’s easy to use, and easy on the wallet. I get unlimited access to all federal and state records. JurisCase improved the quality of my research and help me save thousands.

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B. Cermak
Attorney at law

No other software compares with JurisCase’s services, features and overall quality. This software has helped me grow my practice without every worrying about having painful overhead costs.

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J. L. Rudy
Family Law Attorney

Our attorneys and paralegals used to spend hours on legal research. After using JurisCase, we’ve saved so much time on researching – time that we now spend taking care of our clients.

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S. Webley
Esq., Senior Partner

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