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Public Interest Law Professionals
Discounts are awarded to fellow attorneys and legal professionals who serve our communities as public interest lawyers and representatives.

JurisCase wants to lower the cost for public interest attorneys even more. We try to make this happen by offering you a generous discount of 25% for your first license.

First-Year Attorneys
If you have passed your bar exam within the last 12 months, we congratulate you for this amazing accomplishment by offering you a 25% off your first license with JurisCase for your first year with us.

With JurisCase, you will have the confidence to get ahead of your competition and start practice right now at a very low cost.

“We love helping our attorneys succeed by lowering their overhead cost and increasing their legal research efficiency”

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"All I have to say about JurisCase is that it is easy to use, it is fast and it costs a fraction of what we used to pay."

– Rachel Martinez, Attorney at Law

"JurisCase legal research software is exactly what I have been looking for all these years."

"JurisCase has made it very simple for my staff to conduct proper & organized legal research."

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