Our Mission, Our Promise

JurisCase’s story has always been about

innovation, creation, and value.

The mission behind JurisCase’s innovation is to constantly exceed our members’ expectations by always challenging the status quo. With the technology available to us today, law firms should be having an easier time doing legal research. JurisCase has promised to marry modern technology and legal research to allow users to search with greater efficiency and speed, with less effort.

Our Vision

We use them to offer you various legal services. Check out the full list of opportunities and choose your solution to solve your issue.


Be the workplace where our staff is inspired to be the best representatives of JurisCase.


Expand on our portfolio of tools and features to constantly bring more value to each member.


Building a network of members and contributors, while partnering with useful organizations, to have a positive influence in our community.


Be a responsible company to make a difference as a pillar in the legal community.


Help users improve their legal research by increasing their accuracy and efficiency.


Be a highly productive and fast-paced organization to bring more value to our members as soon as possible.
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Our Promise

JurisCase always has and always will uphold two promises, and here’s why:

Provide a Spectacular Customer Service

Our first priority is to always improve on and maintain a great customer services for our members. In an industry where business is mostly done in person, our members have always praised us for being available for them whenever they need us. We take pride in being the legal research company that brings the in-person touch to a vast network across the nation.

Always Add More Value to Each User

In almost everything that we do at JurisCase, the thought of adding more value to our users is constantly on our mind. When a new member joins JurisCase, they are already ecstatic when they receive access to our powerful research tools and features. What we love to see even more is their excitement when we add more value tools to their membership.

JurisCase is more than just

a Legal Research Database.

A great legal research company doesn’t stop at just providing a database and tools.

Greatness lies in our team’s passion and dedication in creating innovative methods for legal professionals to excel in their field.

Our Belief

We passionately believe that competitive advantage lies in the user’s ability to search through millions of court records and narrow the search results to a smaller list of relevant cases with extraordinary speed. With the input of our users and the intelligence of our developers, JurisCase builds innovative search tools that will drive your law office’s success and reputation.

Our Mission

At JurisCase, our mission is to make the user’s experience of searching through case law effortless, efficient, and fast. We accomplish this by focusing on the development of new and innovative tools to equip the user with stronger search capabilities.

Our Promise

The JurisCase team will uphold two promises:

1.   Provide a spectacular customer service

2.   Always add more value for each user

"All I have to say about JurisCase is that it is easy to use, it is fast and it costs a fraction of what we used to pay."

– Rachel Martinez, Attorney at Law

"JurisCase legal research software is exactly what I have been looking for all these years."

"JurisCase has made it very simple for my staff to conduct proper & organized legal research."