JurisCase Student-Reps in Law School

Why become a Student-Representative?

“We take great pride helping law students transition into successful attorneys”                             

– Masen E. Thompson Executive Member
The JurisCase Student-Representation program is a great opportunity for law students to connect with fellow law students and law firms, while gaining greater experience in legal research.
Benefits of Becoming a JurisCase Student-Representative

Get to know real law professionals while in law school.


Get a jumpstart on your career by building your network in the legal field through working with professors, law firms and your future colleagues.


Develop your communication & leadership skills by working with professionals in the legal field, while getting deeper insights on legal research.


Start earning an income while finishing law school, in addition to earning tickets to law-related events and seminars.

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What do JurisCase Student-Representatives do?

A Student Representative’s goal is to give licenses to those who would benefit most from JurisCase


Communicate with your peers, discuss the innovation and benefits, and have them try JurisCase.


Organize events and collaborate with your peers and local law professionals to spread the word about JurisCase.


Engage with law students and law professionals at networking events to find people who would benefit from JurisCase.


Share our blogs, news, and promotions on social media to raise awareness about JurisCase.


Looking Ahead?

Every Successful Career is the Result of Extra Effort
Let JurisCase help you go the extra mile.
Standing Out in Law School
As a law student, it is very important for you to build your network and gain experience in the world of law. By doing so, you will greatly improve your chances of having a successful career as an attorney. JurisCase’s Student Representation program gives law students the opportunity to gain real experience and stand out as a legal innovator in law school.
Preparation for the Future
Other than being a great law student, your first priority should be to pave the path to a career in law after graduation. Preparation for the future is a critical component in becoming a successful attorney. Working with JurisCase will give you the opportunity to meet many successful attorneys, while connecting with other law students who might become future colleagues.
How to Get Started…
Getting started as a JurisCase Student Representative is as easy as filling out this form. Our staff will contact you with instructions and details on training.
Connect with us…
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“ It is definitely a very challenging job, but it's the type challeng that makes you want to work even harder. I'm proud to work at JurisCase ”


“ The creativity that flows around in here is seriously contagious. I think that's why we continue to outdo ourselves ”


“ My job is to serve my customers. Even though I am in sales, I love the fact that I can work directly with the development team to suggest new ideas and features. I love it, but my clients love it more ”