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Access a vast database of private information. Claim your competitive advantage as easily as clicking a button.

Investigate Individuals with  JurisCase  “People Search”

Gather intelligence on individuals, from those directly involved in a case to witnesses.

People Search List

  • ID Verification
  • Driver’s License Search
  • Watchlist Search
  • Phone Search
  • People Search
  • Address Search
  • Bank Locator
  • Trace Detail
  • Place of Employment
  •  Property Search
  • Vehicle Search
  • More…

Discover more about 

an individual’s history

Easily search through background information and historical records of individuals.

Background Search List

  • Bankruptcies Search
  • Liens & Judgments Search
  • US Sex Offender Search
  • Criminal Report (National & State)
  • US Criminal Report (National & State)
  • Rapsheets
  • DMV Records
  • More…

Explore through private 

information of businesses

Find useful information about business, from sole-proprietorships to corporations.

Business Search List

  • Business Search
  • Professional License Search
  • Secretary of State Filings Search
  • UCC Search Report
  • Bank/Credit Locator
  • More…
JurisCase Intelligence

The Power of Information at Your Fingertips

Get access to a wide variety of investigative searches. Quickly find private information, from background information to assets & bank information.

Uncover Information.Clarify the Big Picture.

JurisCase Investigations & Intelligence

A world of public and private information at your fingertips. Get access to JurisCase Intelligence and claim your competitive advantage.

JurisCase Investigations & Intelligence

The only legal software that combines the power of legal research and investigations in one place.”

JurisCase Investigations & Intelligence

Claim your Competitive
Advantage with JurisCase

Access a vast database of private information. Claim your competitive advantage as easiy as clicking a button.

JurisCase is a legal software that focuses on providing law firms and lawyers a new way of doing research. While JurisCase is a legal research software, it is also an investigation software as well. Access millions of court documents, laws, cases, as well as private information of individuals and businesses.