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“Dedicated to bringing innovation to the legal industry”

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JurisCase is a legal research database with powerful tools to help attorneys increase their efficiency in searching for case law, statutes, regulations and more.
JurisCase is a legal research database provides attorneys with the capability of searching for case law (i.e. federal and state court cases, rulings, regulations and etc.) with great efficiency.

Using our comprehensive research tools, attorneys can search our database of both federal and state US courts and locate the necessary law/regulation or court ruling for the case that they are currently working on.

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Our team of professional data scientists, analysts, designers and programmers are dedicated to developing a high-quality, highly-efficient legal researching platform for our valuable members.

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We know how important legal research is for you and your practice as a whole, so that’s why one of our highest priorities is to constantly developed better and more powerful tools for our members.

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Our support team is ready to help our members with anything pertaining to their experience with our JurisCase. JurisCase is equipped with communication tools to allow for members to easily communicate with us.

Everyday we push our limits by working diligently and creatively to better our product…


It’s truly all about helping our legal community conduct their legal research more efficiently and effectively at the lowest cost. 


JurisCase Where Innovation Meets Law

Helping Legal Professionals conduct significantly better research.

JurisCase is an online legal research database that incorporates artificial intelligence and powerful search tools to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency when conducting legal research. In addition to wide range of search tools and features, JurisCase offers unlimited access to a vast library of case law. Find out more about our coverage.

We are proud of the fact that we are leading the race developing innovative tools to help legal professionals improve their research. The culture at JurisCase is an interesting mix of routine-oriented development and creativity/free thinking. Our staff is equipped with the best technological resources that allow us to be the leader in innovation within legal-tech industry.

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“ It is definitely a very challenging job, but it's the type challeng that makes you want to work even harder. I'm proud to work at JurisCase ”


“ The creativity that flows around in here is seriously contagious. I think that's why we continue to outdo ourselves ”


“ My job is to serve my customers. Even though I am in sales, I love the fact that I can work directly with the development team to suggest new ideas and features. I love it, but my clients love it more ”