Our Mission, Our Promise

JurisCase’s story has always been about bringing innovation – and information.

The mission behind JurisCase’s innovation is to constantly exceed our users’ expectations by always challenging the status quo. With the technology available to us today, law firms should be having an easier time doing legal research. JurisCase has promised to marry modern technology and legal research to allow users to search with greater efficiency and speed, with less effort.

Behind Our Promise

JurisCase always has and always will uphold two promises:

Provide a Spectacular Customer Service

Our first priority is to always improve on and maintain a great customer services for our users. In an industry where business is mostly done in person, our members have always praised us for being available for them whenever they need us. We take pride in being the legal research company that brings a personal touch in an automated and digital world.

Always Add More Value for the User

In almost everything that we do at JurisCase, the thought of adding more value to our users is constantly on our mind. When a new user joins JurisCase, they are already ecstatic when they receive access to our powerful research and investigative tools. What we love to see even more is their excitement when we add more value tools to their membership.

Dedicated to Bringing

Innovation to the Legal Industry

JurisCase is more than just a legal research database with powerful tools to help attorneys increase their efficiency in searching for case law, statutes, and regulations. JurisCase is a legal research suite, an ecosystem where users can search for case law, and discover private information about individuals and businesses.

Behind the Scenes at JurisCase

Our team of professional data scientists, analysts, designers and programmers are dedicated to developing a high-quality, highly-efficient legal researching platform for our valuable users.

JurisCase Investigations & Intelligence

The only legal software that combines the power of legal research and investigations in one place.

Legal Research Redefined

We know how important legal research is for you and your practice as a whole, so that’s why one of our highest priorities is to constantly develop better and more powerful tools for our users.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Our support team is ready to help our users with anything pertaining to their experience with our JurisCase. JurisCase is equipped with communication tools to allow for users to easily communicate with us.

JurisCase Investigations & Intelligence

If you haven’t seen JurisCase yet,it’s time to take a look.

JurisCase is an online research suite, comprised of insightful information and innovative technology that integrates all the necessary
research tools you need, so you can work at great speed and maximum efficiency.


Where Innovation

Meets Law

Helping Legal Professionals conduct significantly better research.

JurisCase is an online legal research database that incorporates artificial intelligence and powerful search tools to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency when conducting legal research. In addition to wide range of search tools and features, JurisCase offers unlimited access to a vast library of case law.

We are proud of the fact that we are leading the race developing innovative tools to help legal professionals improve their research. The culture at JurisCase is an interesting mix of routine-oriented development and creativity/free thinking. Our staff is equipped with the best technological resources that allow us to be the leader in innovation within the legal-tech industry